BasketballCommunity Christian School offers a boys' basketball team and a girls' basketball team.  Team members are chosen from those student athletes who attend pre-season practices and try-outs.  Membership on these teams offers a unique opportunity for spiritual growth, leadership, and athletic achievement.

Student Athletes on the team must be committed to the highest level of Christian conduct, academic performance, athleticism, self-discipline, respect for school and others, and performance of all responsibilities related to the team.  Players must demonstrate a proven ability to balance academic requirements and demands with extra-curricular and personal activities, as well as maintaining a healthy personal relationship with the Lord.

The attitude, dedication and enthusiasm of the student athletes are just as important as the skills involved in Basketball.


2012-2013 Eagles JV Basketball

Monday   1/7          Covenant                 Away              Girls 5:30/Boys 7:00

Tuesday  1/8           Wade                      Away              Girls 5:30/Boys 7:00 

Tuesday  1/15         Halifax                    Away               Girls 5:00/Boys 6:30

Tuesday  1/15         Rockledge(Middle)    Away               Boys 5:30

Thursday 1/17         BCS                        Away               Girls 5:30/Boys 7:00

Friday     1/18        City of Life Acad        Away               Boys  4:30

Monday  1/21        Calvary(Middle)         Away               Girls 5:00/Boys 6:30

Mon. 1/21-Tues. 1/22  Wade Space Coast Invitational    Away  TBA Boys

Friday   1/25          Morningside             Away               Girls 5:30/Boys 7:00  

Monday 1/28          Wade                     Away(home)     Girls 5:30/Boys 7:00      

Tuesday 1/29         Covenant V             Home               Boys 7:00 Homecoming

Friday 2/1              Morningingside        Away                 Boys 6:00 

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