Construction Plans


CCS Eagles Nest Community Center (conceptual)

Conceptual Design Eagles Nest Commuity Center

The image to the left is a conceptual design of the "Eagles Nest Community Center".  This facility will not only provide a permanent home for Eagle's varsity sports programs such as Basketball and Volleyball, but also includes features to include a Drama stage, additional classrooms for Middle and Upper school, A/V control room, kitchen and concession stand.  (Click on Image to enlarge)

Site Plan

Eagles Nest Site Plan Our Site Plan for the "Eagle's Nest Community Center" is to utilitize the space which is currently occupied by the Tabernalce administrative offices .  We would first move the Tabernacle facilities to the front of the property where there is an existing playground, then utilize this center area to constuct the Eagles Nest and required parking (click on site plan image at left to enlarge).

First Floor

First Floor Eagles Nest The First Floor of the "Eagle's Nest Community Center" is at its heart a full sized gynamisum capable of hosting both full court varsity basketball games or up to two concurrent varsity volleyball games under the control of our Athletic Department, and a Stage which will be utilized to hold dramatic and musical productions provided by and presented by our Fine Arts department.

This floor also has complete Girls and Boys locker rooms with showers, weight room, Athletic Directors office, Drama and Music rooms, a kitchen, concession stand and ticket sales and an elevator.  The foyer will double as a lunch room during normal school days. (click on First Floor image at left to enlarge).

Second Floor

Eagles Nest Second Floor The Second Floor of the "Eagle Nest Community Center" is primarily comprised of additional classroom space and it is our hope to move most of Middle and Secondary classes to the second floor of this facility.  The second floor also includes a lounge area and A/V Booth for handling Sound/Video and Lighting needs of school Fine Arts productions or other special events.  A special covering of the Gym Floor will be rolled out at this time so formal events can be presented.  (click on Second Floor image at left to enlarge).


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