Faculty and Staff


Laurel Earls - Principal, Admissions

Cindy Bailey - Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Teresa Murphy - School Accountant and Bookkeeper

Alison Matthiesen - Marketing and Development

Pauline Hungerford - Aftercare Coordinator


Guidance Counselors

Laurel Earls - Guidance Counselor

David Feeler - Guidance Counselor for 6th–12th grade boys


Elementary School

Natalie Jackson - Kindergarten

Kristine Jones - 1st Grade teacher

Alison Matthiesen - 2nd Grade teacher

Zahira Love  - 3rd Grade teacher

Marcy Nix - 4th Grade teacher

Dominique Wilt - 5th Grade teacher


Middle School

Kayla Proctor - Bible, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade English

David Feeler - Bible, 6th Grade Science, 6th and 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Marcene McHugh - Bible, Study Hall, Tutor  


Upper School

Chris Bryans - Upper School History, Government and Economics

Ezra Gonzalez - Upper School Math and Bible

Michael Masztal - Upper School Science

Josh Kucharyson - Upper School Bible and English

Carmen Quintero - Upper School Spanish

Meg Torres - Upper School Bible and Fine Arts

Kyle Bowman - Physical Education and Athletic Director



Jackie Scone - Elementary through High School Art

Zahira Love - Upper School Lifestyle Fitness Design

Meg Torres - Upper School Life Management

Kayla Proctor - Yearbook and Multimedia

Joshua Kucharyson - Computer Applications

Beverly Rowe - Music


Varsity Sports

Kyle Bowman - Athletic Director

Joshua Kucharyson - Assistant Athletic Director  


Employment Opportunities 


Fine Arts

Elementary and Secondary

Email learls@ccsmelbourne.com for additional information, to submit resumes, and for applications.

CCS Melbourne
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