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Donations designated for the purpose of tuition assistance aid are encouraged for the support of non-family members, who without such aid would be unable to bring their child to CCS. Such aid may be given directly to the school as a tax-exempt charitable donation.  A letter of recognition will be provided to donors along with the schools tax exempt status as recognized by the IRS for charitable tax deduction purposes.

 Please view the short Tuition Assistance Video clip provided on this page to learn more about this program's needs, or contact the school to have a tuition assistance coordinator discuss the program with you directly!

Requests for Donations to the tuition assistance fund are performed year round, once each year, usually between February and March of the current school year, the CCS Board of Directors reviews the fund balance and determines a GRANT to be given to the Tuition Assistance Committee, who in turn will be responsible for awarding assistance to applicants for the upcoming school year.  Also, at this time tuition aid applicants for the upcoming school year are able to apply for assistance online.


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Step Up for Students Aid ProgramTuition assistance is awarded to student applicants on the basis of financial need, without regard to race, color, nationality or ethnic origin.

NOTE: Financial aid is not applicable towards the student's registration fee.


All Financial Aid candidates MUST first apply for aid through the FACTS TUITION AID assessment program and provide the most recent report card and behavior report from the student's current school.  The FACTS TUITION aid is an online form found at which includes a non-refundable (currently $30.00) fee. This money is used for processing the application and does not go to the school.

otential aid applicants may pick up a Grant and Aid Assessment Flyer along with a "CCS Financial Aid Questionnaire" which the Tuition Assistance Committee requires in addition to applicant completing the online FACTS financial aid form in order for the committee to assess and rank each student aid applicant at the school front office  Once FACTS has received your application, they will process the application and notify the CCS Tuition Assistance Committee of their recommendations. The report car and behavior report along with any supporting documentation should be returned to school administration to be forwarded to the committee. Completion and provision of the form and information is required for committee consideration. 


Each year the Tuition Assistance Committee will set an application submission date, which is the last day to apply for financial consideration from the grant monies, and an award date, which is the date the awards list will be provided to CCS School administration, these dates will be provided to the CCS administration.
Upon receipt of the awards list from Tuition Assistance Committee the CCS adminstrative office will produce award letters for each student receiving an award by the committee.  Once an award letter is provided to the family of the student applicant they will given a limited time to either accept or reject the award.  If the family is either non responsive, or the family rejects the award amount, these monies will be reclaimed into the GRANT in which case additonal rounds of awards may be offered to any non-
recipient applicants of an award.  Or if all GRANT monies are exhausted no additional aid may be provided until new monies are received into the fund and GRANTED by the Board of Directors for the committee's use.


Financial Aid at CCS is possible only through generous donations from others such as grandparents, parents of other students, businesses and churches and other charitable organizations. Since each Financial Aid dollar has been sacrificially given, it is the goal of the CCS Tuition Assistance Committee to be excellent stewards of that which God has provided. 

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