Tuition Rates

2014-2015 Registration and Tuition Information

Grade TuitionRegistration
Kindergarten $4,150 $280
1st – 5th $4,880 $410
6th – 8th $5,475 $410
9th – 12th $5,700 $435


  • All openings are filled on a first-come basis.  Class size is limited to 20 students except Kindergarten which is limited to 15 students.
  • Registration must be paid in full to secure a space for a student.
  • REGISTRATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  The only exception is a family who applies for “CCS Tuition Assistance” through the FACTS program and is then not granted CCS assistance due to ineligibility or lack of tuition funds and, as a result, determines to vacate their student reservation with CCS.


  • Tuition payments are divided into 10 equal monthly installments, due the 1st of each month and considered late after the 5th day of each month.  The first tuition payment is due on August 1, 2014 with subsequent payments due on the first of each month thereafter concluding May 1, 2015. Note: the starting date is prior to the start of school.
  • If a family desires to arrange for 12 equal monthly installments, payments are due beginning June 1, 2013, as such are divided into 12 equal payments also concluding May 1, 2015.
  • If a student attends any portion of a month, the entire month’s tuition is required.


  • As incentive for early registration, if the registration is paid in full by 5:00 p.m., Monday, May 12, 2014, fifty percent (50%) of the amount paid out for registration will be discounted from the annual tuition, which is then divided and deducted equally from the monthly tuition over the 10 monthly installments (or 12 months if applicable).

    NOTE: The above discount will not apply to students who receive any form of tuition assistance through the CCS Tuition Assistance program.  However, the above discount will apply to those families receiving Step-Up for Students or other non-CCS funded financial assistance.

  • A Paid in Full discount of 5% per student will be given for any student account that is paid in advance and in full for the upcoming school year by August 1, 2014.
  • multi-child discount will be allowed for households with three or more students attending CCS.  The first two students will pay standard tuition rates but every student after the first two will have a reduced tuition rate. The discount will be $450 per year divided and deducted equally from the monthly tuition.
  • A Pastor's Discount will be given for ministers who serve in a Full-time pastoral role at a recognized Christian church.  Each of the pastor's children are eligible for a 50% tuition discount, but do not qualify for any further discounts (i.e. early registration discount). Pastors must submit documentation of their full-time service at their church.

NOTE ON DISCOUNTS PROGRAMS: When families qualify for one or more discount programs, credits towards registration or tuition fees will only be applied to a point where the amount owed is zero.  At no point will one or more qualifying discount programs provide financial incentives which would result in a credit to the family.  Discounts are calculated based on the original full cost, not the discounted cost, when several discounts are qualified for. 


  • "Families bringing Families" Incentive Program - Current CCS Families who refer other NEW familes to CCS who then attend CCS for a full school year in good standing, will receive a $400 incentive credit to their account May 1, 2015.  For every NEW student attending the school due to your family referral, your family will receive that number of credits.  The incentive is based on each NEW student brought to the school.  For example, if you have one student attending CCS and your family brings two NEW families to CCS, each with one student (or one NEW family with two students), you will receive two $400 incentive credits.  Referrals are credited to only one existing CCS family account and may not be applied to past due balances.  The credits do not have cash value but are credits against your account to be used toward the upcoming school year's tuition.

For additional information, please contact the school office at 321-259-1590.  Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.



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