High-quality Christian curriculum with a loving atmosphere, which nurtures each child in body, mind and spirit

​​​Faculty and Staff


Laurel Earls - Principal

Cindy Bailey - Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Teresa Murphy - School Accountant and Bookkeeper

Natalie Jackson

Elementary School

Beth Johnson - Kindergarten

Kristine Jones - 1st Grade

Barbara Walters - 2nd Grade

Elizabeth West - 3rd Grade

Valarie Buckner - 4th Grade

Susan Hutchinson -4th Grade

Adrian Holmes - 5th Grade

Jennifer Caster - Teacher's Aide

Upper School

Delanee Bryan - 6th Grade

Chris Bryans - Social Studies and Bible

Jeffrey Fierro - English and Spanish

Carol Hunt - Upper School Math, STEM and Robotics

Melinda Miller - Upper School Science and Speech

Steven Sausville - Upper School Math and Science

Kelly Seiter - Physical Education and Athletic Director

Nicole Karbowski - Physical Education Aide


Jackie Scone - Art

Delanee Bryan - Yearbook and Multimedia

Beverly Pilkington - Music

Educational Success Program

Larry Roselle - Director​

Shelley Willms - Assistant Director, 3rd/4th Grade

Josh Conti - Administrative Assistant

Ashley Hargraves - Kindergarten/1st Grade
Stephani Adams - 2nd/3rd Grade

Alicia Sibol - 5th/6th Grade

Ron Wilcox - Upper School

Bridget Higgins - Assistant Instructor

Rose Mazella - Assistant Instructor

Debbie Schelich - Assistant Instructor