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God's purpose for their lives
We help
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Grading System

The faculty and staff of Community Christian School are committed to help your student succeed.  Students are given a variety of tasks and assessments to allow us to determine their level of learning and where additional support is needed.  Following are the grading scales used to reflect student progress:

Kindergarten Grading
NNeeds Improvement
NRNot Ready

1st thru 12th Grade Academic Grading

Letter ScoreNumerical Range Score
A+99 - 100
A93 - 98
A-90 - 92
B+87 - 89
B83 - 86
B-80 - 82
C+77 - 79
C73 - 76
C-70 - 72
D+67 - 69
D63 - 66
D-60 - 62
F0 - 59

NOTE:  An "I" (incomplete) must be made up no later than the next mid-marking period.  Failure to do so may result in an "F" for the missing assignments and the overall grade will be averaged.