High-quality Christian curriculum with a loving atmosphere, which nurtures each child in body, mind and spirit

Jackie Scone

High School Art

I have lived in Brevard County since 1972.  I have loved art my entire life.  I love children and have traveled as a missionary, working in orphanages in third world countries.  My love for all people has greatly influenced my desire to teach.

I have been at Community Christian School since 2007.  One of my daughters went to Community Christian School in the 90's.  I believe in the team, the teaching and the support that the school offers.  I have five children and love the Lord my God with all that I possess.  I know that everyone is made in His image and with that knowledge, I feel I can inspire imagination in great light for all His little artists.  We are His masterpiece and our art should always reflect His glory.

Everything comes from Him and exists by His power and is intended for His glory.  All glory to Him forever. Amen Romans 11:36